Saturday, September 27, 2008


So heading out for ice cream with our friends and getting the shake of the month at charlies has become a tradition.  So I thought we could share it with you.  Enjoy!  Of course you won't enjoy it as much as we did, considering we are the ones with the ice cream.
Can I look any cooler?

Mel sure loves ice cream


Jannie "Funster" said...

Ummmn, why do I always visit these blogs when I'm ssooo hungry?

Diane said...

my favorite decoration is mr fiesta!!! cute digs. when we come up i hope that we can get a shake too?!

Sheena said...

yum!!! let me guess, the shake of September is pumpkin. That's my favorite... I miss Charlies
Also, your apartment is really cute. Wish I could see it in person.

Sheena said...

ps. so I looked at the pics a little closer, and the icecream is pink. Can I change my guess to raspberry? Please?

Also, nice picture of you Ty ;) hahahahahahahah

Tamaran and Jon said...

Cute apartment! How could I have forgotten that the best way to have a get-together is by offering food?! So we still need to get everyone together. Maybe once we move... Or maybe we'll have to come up for shakes (and to try to track down my scriptures...)

Teah said...

you've been tagged. we want to learn about you. see our site for details.