Saturday, September 20, 2008

SUU Football! Blake Rocks.

Yep thats Mel wearing the Aggie blue.... wait a minute, she is wearing red and black.

Its forgivable this one time, but only because we were watching my bro. play football. Ok, to be honest I was wearing a thunder bird hat too.

It was really exciting to watch Blake play at the college level. He has an instinctive understanding of the game. Something I don't even come close to having. At more than one point during the game I had to ask Mel what was going on. Soccer, baseball, I get. Football is confusing. Just goes to show how smart and freaking tough my little brother is. Anyway, it was a lot of fun to hang with family watch the game and just have a good time.I'd be happy too if I helped deliver the first home field win in over a year

My younger bigger brother

Looks like he got hit one to many times

Here is the Fenn family cheering party

Blake gets ready to flatten somone


Diane said...

hey, great pics! glad to see some on the blog, maybe you can put some more on of you and mel and you apartment!! love, mom

lifeofdi said...

I like the "got hit one too many times" pic. :D

Tamaran and Jon said...

Yes! You're blogging! Hope you are both doing well. Glad to see Blake is playing this year. (Colton and Truck both did the practice team thing down there last year)

Joel and Julie said...

Hey there guys! Looks like the trip to see Blake play was a blast!

Sharene said...

I can't believe Blake is in college playing football. That is awesome! I love your ice cream pictures and your cute place. Where are you living? We should get together if we are close.