Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas Eve Traditions and the Mitchells.

This year we spent Christmas at the Mitchell's. There we participated in the traditions of Christmas Eve. For the past couple of years the family gets all bundled up and takes treats and caroling to people who are having a hard time and the family loves.

Talisha and Tacie all geared up with treats in hand.

Ty and I in our warm snow gear from Blake. Thanks Blake!

After the caroling we went back home and the kids acted out the nativity while mom videotaped and dad read it from the scriptures. Because we are the married couple we got to play Mary and Joseph. It was really fun.

Dana was the angel Gabrielle.

Ty and I had fun looking dorky.

Talisha and Tacie were the cutest shepherdesses!

Here is a short clip of them prancing around.


Tam said...

Fun traditions. I love the pics. Who are you sitting on? Are they the donkey? You have a cute family.

Ty said...

We are sitting on Mel's brother. And yes he is the donkey. Poor guy. lol :)

Hows it going Tam?